Photo courtesy of Karen Poirier


President: Denise Berg
Vice President: Martine Teresinski
Secretary: Margaret Carruthers
Treasurer: Rita West
Past President:  Suzanne Hanna

2019 Directors
Wendy Bingham
Jeanne Huntley
Steph Hattie
Molly McQuarrie
Halina Peltonen,
Rita West
Lorraine DeFazio
Alison Walton
Bev Humphrys
Tamara Aylward

Committee Chairsthere’s room to join!   « denotes chair position available

Forest Heights Community Garden Liaise: Suzanne Hanna
Awards Committee:  The Board
Canal Greenhouse: Marg Carruthers
Christmas Party: Bev Humphrys
Community Garden Liaison: Suzanne Hanna
Flower Show: 
Denise Berg
Discounts:  Wendy Bingham
Garden Bus Tour:  Rita West
Goodwill: Wendy Bingham
Membership: Suzanne Hanna
Jeanne Huntley
Nominations:  Suzanne Hanna
Official Photographers:  Jim Tibbles, Charlene Brown
Photography Show: 
Jim & Nancy Tibbles
Plant Sale:  Suzanne Hanna, Rita West and members
Program: Board and membership
Publicity:  Jeanne Huntley
Refreshments: Carolyn Mackie, Halina Peltonen
Rose Garden: Charlene Brown, Jeff Marshall and members
Seedy Saturday: Suzanne Hanna and members
Telephone: Jane Moody, Wendy Bingham
Website/Facebook:  Karen Poirier


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