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What we do “out and about” in the community!

March 2, 2020 General Mtg. – Keynote Suzanne Hanna – Ladybugs!


Life Of A Ladybug


February 3, 2020 General Mtg – Keynote Andrea Aubertin.  Topic:  Houseplants!

My name is Andrea Aubertin, I grew up in Sault Ste Marie and had a love for gardening from a young age. I have mostly focused on perennial gardening but have recently been interested in learning about houseplants. The presentation held a broad discussion on houseplants from the perspective of someone who is just starting to learn about houseplants. And hopefully this presentation inspired attendees to want explore this type of gardening! 


Jan. 2020 General Mtg – Keynote Dr. Ben Joseph  spoke about the medicinal side of cannabis including side effects and legal aspects of using cannabis.  He was a fantastic presenter and had everyone engaged for two hours!

Dr. Joseph is currently resident physician in psychiatry at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, currently located at the Sault Area Hospital.  Dr. Joseph has an educational background in pharmacology, obtaining his Bachelor of Pharmacy from Mysore University in 1997 and his Master of Science in Pharmacy from Sheffield Hallam University in 1998.  He then went on to obtain his Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science from the University of Strathclyde in 1999.  He has worked as a forensic scientist for the Ministry of the Interior for two years (2000-2002) and at the Centre of Forensic Sciences for ten years (2003-2013).  Dr. Joseph was also an Adjunct Professor at Lake Superior State University teaching forensic chemistry to final year students (January 2012-May 2012).


Plant Sale 2019!

March 2019 General Membership Meeting:

What a great evening with three keynote speakers at our “Carousel of Dirt!” event.  Learned all about makeup of soil, layering and no dig gardening as well as soil amendments (compost, etc)

Seedy Saturday:

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